Hot Tub Sanitisers

Hot Tub Sanitisers

Sanitising your hot tub is the single most important part of maintaining a hot tub to ensure bathers not only have an enjoyable experience but also ensuring the remain free from rashes, infection or worse that can be caused by poor water maintenance.   With the correct chemicals and maintenance regime, keeping your hot tub clean, clear and health is both inexpensive, not at all time consuming and a very easy task to carry out.

To put it simply, a hot tub is the perfect place for bacteria to multiply - they love nothing more than 36-40 degree warmth most of us have our tub set at.  Our hot tub sanitiser range includes chlorine, bromine in either tablet form or granules and a range of non-chlorine sanitisers as well as hot tub shock kits.

We believe all our chemicals contain clear dosage instructions to help keep your hot tub water clean, clear and safe and indicate, however, please feel free to contact us If you require further information about hot tub sanitisers.

Please note:  as with any chemical,  hot tub chemicals are best stored out of direct sunlight and out of the reach of children. 

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