Customer Responsibilities

Customer Responsibilities a Quick Guide

So you have decided to take the plunge (no pun intended) and purchase a hot tub, Pool Hot Tubs have several models in their showroom including one pre-filled for a wet test if necessary. Potential customers are more than welcome to drop in and see, touch and experience a number of different hot tubs and chat with our experts to help you make an informed choice.

We are here to answer any questions you have about hot tubs, delivery and installation, and after sales support.  For customers further away we can be contacted via livechat, freephone or email. 

Purchasing a Hot Tub

Purchasing a Hot Tub
Once you have decided on which hot tub is most suitable for your needs, the correct number of seats for the number of people who will be using it and your preferred sell / cabinet colour you are ready to start the payment process.

We may elect to organise a site visit or simply ask you some questions regarding access / ask you to supply photographs and take the odd measurement.  After so many installs, It's usually fairly obvious to us when a crane or hi-ab will be required.  

Paying for your hot tub can either be in full or get the ball rolling by paying a deposit, typically a few hundred pounds.

In the vast majority of cases we ask for full payment 10 days prior to delivery. 


Where to Position Your Hot Tub

Positioning a Hot Tub
Whether you are looking to make your new hot tub the focal point of your garden or simply want it to blend in and be unobtrusive there are a couple of points you should consider when positioning your hot tub:-

The view: it's no good facing a fence or the side of your house, try and pick somewhere nice with good sight lines and preferably in an area that gets the maximum amount of sunlight if that's your thing.

Convenience: Positioning your hot tub near to the door of your house allows you a quick route from your hot tub to the warmth of offered inside your home during the winter.

Privacy: Position your hot tub where you feel comfortable, maybe out of sight of neighbour’s windows /  not visible from the street. Remember if you can’t find a private location then a gazebo, or patio umbrella might offer a good solution.

Preparing the Hot Tub Site

Preparing the Site for the Hot Tub
Preparing the site for delivery and installation is imperative to ensure your hot tub can be delivered and installed on the agreed date with the dealer. Preparation for your hot tub may includes creating a foundation for your hot tub or strengthening existing decking.

As long as the  hot tub is placed on a solid level surface, which is capable of supporting the weight of the hot tub when filled with water and the people in it then you won't have any problems.  However, please be aware, we do not recommend placing a hot tub directly on the grass or ground and suggest you look for a suitably qualified contractor to help you create a foundation for your new hot tub.

Please be aware if you are sinking your hot tub or surrounding in decking we require a minimum of 400mm access all around the tub to carry out repair work / servicing if necessary which is usually achieved by ensuring decking planks are easily removable.

Electrical & Water Supply

Hot Tub Electrics & Plumbing
Most larger hot tubs require a fully qualified electrician to install a dedicated power supply via an RCD trip in your existing consumer unit.  Pool Hot Tubs will confirm the exact requirements when you make your purchase - we can recommend local electricians we have used previously or you can choose to use your own.

The electrician will need to fit a rotary isolation switch over 2m away from the hot tub, ensuring that the switch cannot be operated from within the hot tub. 

It is advised the electrician leaves enough spare cable between the isolator and the hot tub to reach the furthest side of the hot tub, usually a minimum of around 7m to 8m is recommended, if your isolator is located further away then please use a longer length of cable.

Also ensure you hose reaches the hot tub so you can fill it!

The Delivery Day

Hot Tub Delivery
An average standard installation will take between 2 and 4 hours, depending on water pressure and how long it takes to fill your hot tub.  For customers with special equipment requirements such as a crane or Hiab, if you are organising it, please ensure these are on site in time for delivery so we can get the hot tub in place. 

Once positioned to your satisfaction, the hot tub will be connected to your electrical supply and we will start filling the tub.

Pool Hot Tubs provide our customers with a comprehensive training lesson on how to use your hot tub, the features and how to maintain your water using the free chemical starter pack supplied by us.

Ongoing Care & Maintenance

Hot Tub Maintenance
Cleaning must become part of the ongoing care & maintenance of you hot tub & the water it contains.  It is essential you incorporate a water management routine to ensure your hot tub water remains crystal clear, clean and safe as the day the hot tub was installed.

We recommend you read our blog entry titled Water Management 101 and incorporate it into your water management regime.