About Our Hot Tubs

About Our Hot Tubs

Pool Hot Tubs only supply hot tubs built to the highest specification and utilising industry leading technology which is why we offer a 2 years onsite parts & labour warranty on all hot tub equipment and a 5 year warranty on the hot tub shell. 

The Shell

About Pool Hot Tubs SHell

Pool Hot Tubs use Aristech Acrylics® on most of our spas, Aristech have the leading provider of acrylic sheets to the hot tub and bath industry for almost 50 years. They have been able to maintain market leadership through the continued focus on delivering innovative solutions.

Their Kentucky facility in the US is one of the largest continuous cast acrylic operations in the world with four of the very limited number of multi-million dollar, multi-ton, continuous casting machines.

In addition to Aristech Acrylics®  excellent gloss and color retention, they also employ Bio-Lok® technology so the surface of the hot tub is naturally impervious to microbes, without the need of added chemicals.

The non-porous nature of Aristech Surfaces®  Bio-Lok® sheet defends against the penetration and subsequent growth of microorganisms on its surface. Bio-Lok® hot tubs are shielded against microbes, easy-to-clean, durable, and do not contain any antimicrobial chemicals, pesticides or similar additives.


The Water Control System

Balboa Control Systems

With over three decades of innovative designs, the US company Balboa Water Group offer a diverse portfolio of world-class products for hot tub. One of Balboa’s key differentiators over the years has been their  ability to drive invention that enables the customers’ long-term success.

Balboa are well know in the industry for rapid adaptation to changing markets and these "changes" have never  occurred at a faster pace than we are seeing today.

At the heart of each of these needs – usability, flexibility, and manufacturability is Balboa's core competence of providing custom solutions around their product lines.

Balboa is focused on driving the opportunities created by these needs, and creating value for our customers and their end users, Balboa water control systems and parts are used in most of the hot tubs provided by today's leading manufacturers, why should we be any different. 

Pumps & Ancillary Parts

Hot Tub Pumps

There are only really about four main manufacturers of pumps that supply the vast majority of the industry these being LX Pumps, Balboa, Aquaflo and Waterway and in our experience they all operate the same and have a similar failure rate.

In our experience there is nothing really to be gained from choosing a pump or ancillary equipment from one manufacturer over the other, as long as the equipment is supplied and warrantied from one of the big players our experience tells us that's fine.

To use an example, If there is the number 315-1220 embossed on the wet end rear, then you have a Waterway pump (75% of the UK market).  An Aquaflo pump is very similar to the Waterway pump and can replace it exactly.

All that being said, you can be assured that we only select pumps and ancillary parts from top manufacturers and are so confident in our selection that all hot tubs we supply come with a 2 year mechanical, parts and labour warranty and 5 year shell warranty.